Audio Visual Information for Speakers

Hello Speakers!

The information below is for anyone speaking at a GSRWA meeting or event and for anyone selected to present at the Emerald City Writer’s Conference using a projector.

The Machines We Provide

All GSRWA meeting, seminar and Emerald City Writer’s Conference Workshop speakers that require audio visual support will be provided one of the two machines below.

Projector 2 & 3

Projector 1

The Machines You Provide

GSRWA and ECWC speakers are required to bring their own laptops. We do not provide a machine to plug in external media (flash drives, for instance).

Making the Connection

The only cords we provide for our machines are the 15 pin serial connection cords. You can see if your machine has a port for this cord by looking for the blue small blue port with holes in it as pictured on the machines above. Our cords are all identical to the one pictured below. It is the most common way of hooking up to machines so the vast majority of computers will have a 15 pin port on them somewhere. If your machine does not have a 15 pin port you might consider using an alternate machine that does or bring an adapter of your own that converts from whatever your machine has to a 15 pin connection. If an adapter is needed it is up to the speaker to bring it.

15 Pin Serial Connection Cord

Internet Based Presentations

Please make sure your presentation is on the hard drive of the machine you bring, as not all facilities for monthly meetings or rooms at ECWC have readily available or consistent internet access.


Speakers bringing mobile devices make up nearly ALL of the cases where a speaker has had to forego their visual presentation (incorrect connectors being the cause for the remaining few). Please do not bring devices that are meant to be mobile. This includes netbooks, iPads, Kindles, smart phones, etc. If it is intended for a mobile function then we suggest bringing a standard laptop. Most mobile devices have more extensive security protocols and will not sync properly with our machines. This is a software issue with the machines not the projectors and is not something GSRWA members can do anything about.

Is there anyone to fix it?

GSRWA and ECWC members and volunteers can do minor troubleshooting of the connections and hardware. However, those members and volunteers are not allowed to do anything regarding software on the machines our speakers bring. Any security settings or firewalls that prevent the machines from syncing with the projectors are the responsibility of the speaker.

Microphones and Recording for GSRWA Speakers

There won’t typically be a microphone in the room, if there is you will be shown how it works when you arrive. The chapter makes every effort to film or at least record all sessions for our out of town members. There will likely be a board member present with a video camera to tape the session or you may be asked to use a small clip on microphone.

Microphones and Recording for ECWC at the Westin

There are two microphones in the Bellevue Westin class rooms.

1) The Table Microphone – A large standard looking microphone on the table or podium. It is for amplification and feeds into a mixer where the second microphone is recording directly from the feed.

Table Microphone

2) Recorder Microphone – The white or gray recorder mic is for recording the session and will be attached to the mixer. If you don’t mind your session being recorded you don’t need to do anything. If you do mind your session being recorded please speak into the table mic and say the name of the class and that you prefer not to record it. The sound engineer will remove the class when the CDs are compiled.


Can I test my machine with a projector beforehand?

Yes. Sometime late morning or early afternoon before the conference workshops begin there will be a “Tech Try Out” either at the conference kick-off event or somewhere easily accessible where a tech volunteer will have one of the projectors set up so you can check your computer’s compatibility with the ECWC projectors. The try out will be announced about a week prior to conference either on the various loops or in a specific email to speakers.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!

We are grateful for each and every speaker that graces us with their time and experience.

You may direct any questions to the Vice-President of Programs for GSRWA at or to the ECWC Workshop Chair at as appropriate to your needs.