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2017 Master Class

Opposite sides of the Same Coin, Differences and Similarities between Villains and Dark Heroes

Instructors: Karen Rose, Martin Hafer, MA Taylor, Sara Lunsford, Christy Jeffries

Friday, October 13th 2017, 9 am – 1 pm

Check In Opens at 8:30am

 Westin Hotel, Bellevue, WA




Tired of using the same Hero archetypes? Looking to write a meaty character that compels interest by operating outside society’s normal parameters? Or, better yet, would you like to create a brooding, flawed character that not only feels comfortable in the dark and grey areas of society, but thrives there?

Have you ever thought of writing an Anti-hero?

What abhorrent personality type makes for the richest hero? Which personality should never be considered as hero material?

Similarly, do you need a convincing villain? Bad guys aren’t just a stereotype, and deserve their own backstories. And its not just our protagonists and antagonists that need strong development. Secondary characters (like an emotionally abusive mother, or a needy best friend) also have complex personalities that influence how our heroes will respond to their inner and outer conflicts.

We all know imagination is key in creating compelling characters, BUT realism, consistency, and depth make for unforgettable individuals that will resonate with readers.

This panel is made up of writers who, in their previous careers, have worked to identify, convict, rehabilitate, and/or reintegrate common – and not so common criminals, along with a New York Times Bestselling author and creator of some of the most chilling villains out there.

Come Join:

  • Karen Rose: NYT & Internationally Bestselling Author
  • M. A. Taylor: Special Agent (ret.) worked sexual predators, narcotics, & gaming
  • Martin Hafer: Former psychotherapist and social worker in the field of mental health, with a specialty caseload in sex offenders, their victims, and families
  • Sara Lunsford: former sergeant at an all-male maximum security facility
  • Christy Jeffries: former California probation officer with a specialty caseload of supervising sex offenders

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