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Here is what you need to know right off the bat:

1. All assignments are (when possible) made on a first come first serve basis, so volunteer early for best selection. Order for positions is solely established by the date stamp on submission forms generated from this page (at the very bottom).
2. You must be completely paid and registered to lock in your selection.
3. You may email any questions to ECWC Volunteers at ecwc_volunteers@gsrwa.org.

How this works:

1. Pick the job or class you wish to moderate, select and copy the line item/job into the submission form at the bottom. Fill in the name and email information, verify and submit. You will see a “Submission Received” message but you WILL NOT receive a separate confirmation email instantly. Within a few days the slot will show filled below or the class will be removed from the list.

2. Once all the jobs in the section you volunteered in have filled you will receive an email from the point of contact for the job you selected confirming your information has been received.

3. All communications concerning your position will come from the appropriate committee chair. At conference arrive at the appointed time and place. Let the chairperson you are working with know you are there and they will show you what they need. Volunteers requiring additional information or training will be contacted 1-2 weeks prior to conference (or earlier) with any follow on instructions required to perform their selected task.



The submission form is at the bottom of the page. We suggest you highlight and copy the full line of the job you want into it

MASTER CLASS – Opposite Sides of the Same Coin, Differences and Similarities between Villains and Dark Heroes
Time and Place: Friday, 13 October 2017, prior to conference, 9am-1pm, in a portion of the Grand Ballroom.
Description: Volunteers are required to sign in attendees prior to the session to ensure they are registered and paid. Training will be provided that morning at 7:45am.

Masterclass Volunteers are Full, Thanks!

Please note, you may volunteer to help with Master Class without attending, but you must be registered and paid to remain for the duration of the class.

Friday, 7:45-9:30am, Master Class Volunteer #1 – Kathy W.
Friday, 7:45-9:30am, Master Class Volunteer #2 – Regina K.
Friday, 7:45-9:30am, Master Class Volunteer #3 – Laurie R
Friday, 7:45-9:30am, Master Class Volunteer #4 – Lauren R.



HOSPITALITY – 5 Spots Left!

Time and Place: Friday, 13 October, 2017- 1-5pm, in the area outside the Grand Ballroom and inside the Grand Ballroom from 1-3pm.
Description: Volunteers for the hospitality table will start out helping the hospitality chair field questions during the conference kick off from 1-3 in the main ballroom (mainly from the hospitality table in the Kick Off). After the Kick Off the hospitality table will reopen beside the registration area just outside the main ballroom and will be staffed until 5pm. The people working the table will need a general knowledge of what is going on (which will be provided via email prior to conference).

12:30-2:30pm, Hospitality Volunteer #1 –
1-3pm, Hospitality Volunteer #2 –
1-3pm, Hospitality Volunteer #3 –
1-3pm, Hospitality Volunteer #4 –
3-5pm Hospitality Volunteer #5 – 



Gems is our first time attendee mentorship program. If you have attended ECWC before and would like to mentor a first timer please fill in “I want to be a Gem” in the form at the bottom and we will get back to you. The essential commitment is three main things. 1. Establish a line of communication with the new comer. Hospitality will facilitate the initial meeting then the pair of you can decide what works best. 2. Meet Friday before conference kicks off for a very short tour of the hotel so the first timer knows where major events are occurring, where to get coffee, etc. 3. Sit together in reserved seating for dinner Friday night. After that it is up to you! Hospitality is available for any questions at any time and there is a special loop just for first timers and gems to use. Gems will be contacted individually.

Gems: 3 signed up



REGISTRATION – All Full! Thanks, Everyone!

Time and Place: Friday 13 October 2017, 12:30-5pm, outside the Grand Ballroom.
Description: Volunteers should meet at the registration table ten minutes prior to their scheduled shift. Registration duties consist of handing out packets and having attendees sign for them. There is light lifting and shifting bags and boxes of packets. In the past most volunteers have found it easiest to stand while handing out packets but it is not technically required. The 12:30 volunteers will need to help moving goody bags out of secure storage (about fifty feet from the table). However, we will have access to rolling carts so no heavy lifting is involved.

12:30-2:30pm – Registration Volunteer #1 – Linda H.
12:30-2:30pm – Registration Volunteer #2 – Regina K.
1-3pm – Registration Volunteer #3 – Laurie R.
1-3pm – Registration Volunteer #4 -Jennifer H.
1:30-3:30pm – Registration Volunteer #5 – Debby L.
1:30-3:30pm – Registration Volunteer #6 – John B.
3-5pm – Registration Volunteer #7 – Veronica M.
3-5pm – Registration Volunteer #8 -Meagan W.



RAFFLE BASKETS (Vannas and Set-Up) – 8 Spots Left!

Time and Place: Grand Ballroom, before and during all meals as appropriate.
Description: Goody Bag and Basket helpers meet twenty minutes prior to each meal and move the gift baskets from secure storage across the prefunction area to the ball room (about fifty feet). We have rolling carts. Also, we need “Vannas” for each meal to expedite the basket retrieval from the display tables and then handing them out. The set up part will take fifteen to twenty minutes prior to each meal and the Vanna part will take perhaps ten minutes during the meals. As the number of baskets decrease over the weekend so does the requirement for assistance.

Friday – Dinner:
Fri Raffle Basket Set-Up #1 -Laura B.
Fri Raffle Basket Set-Up #2 –
Fri Vanna #1 – Laura B.
Fri Vanna #2 –
Fri Vanna #3 –
Fri Vanna #4 –

Saturday – Lunch:
Sat Raffle Basket Set-Up #1 – Laura B.
Sat Raffle Basket Set-Up #2 – Cynthia C.
Sat Raffle Basket Set-Up #3 – Debby L.
Sat Vanna #1 – Laura B.
Sat Vanna #2 – Mindy H.
Sat Vanna #3 –

Sunday – Brunch:
Sun Raffle Basket Set-Up #1 –
Sun Raffle Basket Set-Up #2 –
Sun Vanna #1 – Mindy H.
Sun Vanna #2 – Claire T.



Book Layout for Meals – All Full! Thanks, Everyone!

Time and Place: Grand Ballroom half hour prior to each meal.
Description: The main duty is to help put out the books for the keynotes prior to their speeches.

Friday Book Placement (Dinner) – Cynthia C

Saturday Book Placement (Lunch) – Hanna B.

Sunday Book Placement (Lunch) – Jennifer H.



Editor/Agent Support – All Full! Thanks, Everyone!

Time and Place: Saturday, 14 Oct 2017, 7am-12:30pm, Grand Ballroom C (Section opposite the window wall)
Description: The job is to help keep attendees be in the right place at the right time with coffee runners doing some minor refreshment fetching at the midpoint of the morning. You will check in with one of the editor/agent chairwomen fifteen minutes prior to the beginning of the hour assigned and have a seat where they can find you (there will be some chairs especially for you). Working during the pitch sessions is an intense, fast-moving role which can be fun but is also stressful. Volunteers in these positions need to be assertive (but polite) and comfortable directing crowds. If you are shy and uncomfortable with directing people, as much as we’d love to have you, for your comfort, please select another volunteer position.

7-9:00am, E/A Runner Volunteer #1 (doesn’t need to show fifteen minutes prior) – John B.
7-9:00am, E/A Runner Volunteer #2 (does not need to show fifteen minutes prior) – Lauren R.
9-11am, E/A Runner Volunteer #3 – Cynthia C.
9-11am, E/A Runner Volunteer #4 – Dana S.
9:30 – 10:30am – Coffee Runner #5 – Hanna B.
9:30 – 10:30am – Coffee Runner #6 – Lauren R.
11-12:30pm, E/A Runner Volunteer #7 – Claire T.
11-12:30pm, E/A Runner Volunteer #8 – Laurel G.



Mod Squad –

Note: You can be selected for up to three sessions.  The sessions below will be assigned first come, first serve as we are able. Some speakers bring or request their own moderators and the choice is not ours to make. Classes will be removed as they are filled.
Description: Mod Squad volunteers introduce the speaker and keep time for the session. Moderators do not troubleshoot the projectors or AV recorders.






Passport To Romance Team – 5 Spots Left!

Time and Place: Saturday, 14 Oct 2017, 4-9pm, Grand Ballroom
Description: Passport to Romance Reader Appreciation Event will be a party for our readers writ large. There are several positions below at various times for different durations please read them carefully. No heavy lifting is required for any of these positions. You may not volunteer AND be a participating author for the reader event.

Volunteers will need to help with set-up and clean-up for the event.

Door Greeters: 4:30-6:30pm
Work the doors, greeting people as they arrive, signing people in, giving out goodie bags, etc.
Check In #1 -Linda H.
Check In #2 – Laura B.
Check In #3 – Cynthia C.

Raffle Ticket Sellers: 5:30-8:30pm
Raffle ticker sellers will sell raffle tickets to any reader event attendee.
Sell Raffle Tickets #1 – Deedee L.
Sell Raffle Tickets #2 –
Sell Raffle Tickets #3 –

Raffle Basket / Cover Contest Aides: 5:30-8:30pm
Stand by the raffle baskets and cover contest images and help answer questions from attendees.
Contest Aide #1 –
Contest Aide #2 –

Volunteer Wrangler: 5:30-8:30pm
Assists the staff with managing volunteers and coordinating efforts.
Volunteer Wrangler #1 -Lauren R.

VIP Wrangler 5:30 – 8:30pm
VIP Wrangler #1 – Heather D.
VIP Wrangler #2-







Volunteer For ECWC

    ***Please remember that registration (to include cleared payment) must be complete before we can finalize volunteer selections***