Welcome, GSRWA members!

You can check for our next meeting here!

You can find our archive of meeting recordings and videos in the chapters Members-Only section which is located in the GSRWA chapter files at RWA.Org. To reach it go to RWA Home Page and log in. We can’t link you directly due to security requirements that you specifically log in individually and then go to the GSRWA page. Once in select Communities in the upper right. The select Chapters along the left. Once there you will be provided a list of links to the chapters you are in. Select RWA Chatper: Greater Seattle Chapter of RWA. The next page is the GSRWA chapter areas. The most often visited is the GSRWA File Library that contains the monthly meeting workshop we have been granted permission to record and release to our members.

Under the Members drop down menus you can do the following:


Update Your Roster Information – You may update any roster information (to include updating or adding a website or Facebook page for the “Our Members” page) via this page.

Audio Visual Information For Speakers – This page covers all the technical information speakers for monthly workshops or presenting at the Emerald City Writers ‘ Conference might need.